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Rune Primer

A Down-to-Earth Guide to the Runes

by Sweyn Plowright

Regular Edition:
Short ISBN 1847282466
Long ISBN 9781847282460

Need to sort fact from fiction about Runes?

Academic facts in plain English

Source material with translations

How esoteric knowledge can be found in the old sources

Common myths and misconceptions found in popular rune books

Reliable books recommended


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There are now dozens of books on the market claiming to reveal the ancient knowledge of the Runes. Most of these books present superficial and often inaccurate information on runes, and mix it with practices and philosophies from various New Age, or Eastern sources. Often, they just make it up as they go along. With the popularity of the Runes, it is an easy way to make a quick profit. Even some of the better researched books can repeat the suspect claims of earlier writers, or twist the truth to promote their own agendas.

The commercial publishing houses put considerable pressure on authors to fall into line with their most popular authors, thus perpetuating a "rune myth industry". We have published independently so that we can bring you an unedited review of modern esoteric runology.

For those who have been studying for a while, The Rune Primer will make you aware of some of the assumptions and misconceptions that we all absorb from books we read. For those just starting out, this book will save you time and money by enabling you to identify the reliable information, and avoid the less useful.

The Primer focuses first on the academic and historical facts. It explains what we know and how we know it, in clear and concise language. This new expanded edition also contains accurate translations of the rune poems, a look at some popular authors, and a chapter on popular myths and misconceptions about the runes.

Topics discussed include:

The current state of esoteric runology
Runes and Asatru
The original sources, Anlgo-Saxon, Old Norse, Germanic
Historical developement of the rune rows, Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc
The recorded rune names and reconstruction of the Elder names
The rune poems, original text, translations, translator's notes
Overview of the runic revival
Esoteric runology, concepts,wyrd, divination, interpretation, magic
Popular authors, the best-known writers and books reviewed
Urban myths about runes, their sources & how they came about, blank rune, erilaz, heruli, erulians, hex signs, the armanen, rune yoga, & more.

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A few pages from the book: Excerpts


For those who have been reading this book, I have started collecting further useful information for readers here:

Rune Primer Supplement - Additional information, discussion, links, and free PDF resources.




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