True Helm

A Practical Guide to Northern Warriorship

By Sweyn Plowright

A Rune-Net Press Publication

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ISBN 0646399381

The book consists of two parts; firstly a discussion of topics concerning the Odhinnic warrior spirit applied to the modern world, and secondly a retelling of one of our people's oldest tales.

The book was originally conceived as a companion volume to James Chisholm's "True Hearth" which deals with the ancestral traditions of the household. The inspiration came after meeting "the Chisholm" at the '97 RG moot in Texas. The format is a quality paperback, in a size and glossy cover to nicely match True Hearth. We decided against doing a text or PDF version because the two halves of the book, along with the artwork, form a synergistic whole. We would also not be able to maintain the quality of the artwork in a reasonable file size.

It is not meant to be a highly academic treatment of the subject. It is designed to provide help and inspiration for those on a difficult path. Independent reviews of this and other books can be found on the Northvegr Review Pages, & Runewebvitki. Another review on Heathen Harvest.

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