Infernal tracks of Pagan Brutality Black/Death/Classic Metal

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NSW 2148

Niflheim was initially formed in 1995 by Skadi (Gutiar, Vocals, bass) & Aegir (Drums).

In June 1996, Niflheim entered Zen Studio's & recorded a self titled, debut demo. It gained label interest, many positive responses/reviews & extremely good sales.

Shortly after, in February 1997, a video entitled "Sönnenwende" was filmed & released. It featured two songs from the demo and was strictly a non-pro, anti-trend Niflheim/Skadhein Production.

Upon the month of December 1997, the long awaited, full-length album/CD "Myrkvid" was finally unleashed. It contained nine new tracks and also featured the Niflheim '96 demo. Although several labels had shown interest, Niflheim decided to release "Myrkvid" through their won exclusive label; 'Skadheim Productions'.

In May 1998, a 7"EP split with Niflheim and Antichrist is released by Morbid Productions. It contained 5 tracks in total and was limited to 200 copies. Also during this release, a bass player (Erik, also the guitarist of Crucible of Agony) joined Niflheim.

On July 25 1998, Niflheim performed their 1st live show in Melbourne. This event was filmed & released on a video entitled "Chains of Eternal Bondage...Live in Melbourne". In February 20 1999, Niflheim plays their second live show and first appearance on a Sydney stage.

Currently, Niflheim are writing and rehearsing new material for an upcoming second album, due to be recorded and released in late 1999/early 2000. More live shows in the near future are also being planned.

Next major concert planned is Mimir's Head in Sydney, June 25th.

Current NIFLHEIM line up:-

SKADI - Vocals and Guitar
Female (24), played guitar for 12 years.

AEGIR - Drums
Male, played drums for 15 years.

ERIK - Bass
Male, played guitar for 10 years.


"Chains of Eternal Bondage...Live in Melbourne" Aug '98, 30 Min Video

"Riding the Thrimheim Winds" May '98, 7" EP

"Myrkvid" Dec '97, Debut 13 track album CD (SKA 001)

"Sönnenwende" Feb '97, 2 song video

"Niflheim" June '96, Debut 4 track demo

Merchanising:- Hand painted Niflheim shirts & patches (Limited edition, numbered)

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