Mimirs Head

The Concert

Apocalyptic Gothick rock from the Grim Northern lands.

Tales of victory and doom, woven in the haunting sounds of

times past and yet to come.

Hear the secrets of the Wyrd, the whispers of the ancestors,

the warnings of the Gods, and the mystery

of the Runes

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The Concert was a huge success. Photos

Friday 25th of June 1999ev

International bands



And DJ Leigh

The Globe

$25 - King St, Newtown, Sydney - 8PM

Tickets from Ticketek 9266 4800

Death in June, Fire & Ice, Beastianity, Niflheim
We booked the whole venue for the night. Live music upstairs and DJ downstairs. Non-stop music.

MacKaos Consulting - Artwork by Morte