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Beastianity (The Beasts in Humanity)

The band that can change the weather...Fair Dinkum! Feared and revered from Cooma to Copenhagen, Beastianity continues to gather infamy with their sonic and cultural terrorist activities. Described as 'Neurosmashing with the Seekers', Beastianity delivers an utterly unique StraYAlien folk sound manifestation. This nine piece juggernaut is a very hard act to define.

Lyrics that venerate life and love entwined in sounds that range from a gathering of rutting bush babies to a blitzkrieg of Whirlpool washing machines and ball bearings crashing onto tin sheds containing Tasmanian Devils squabbling over a marsupial mouse corpse. Every member of Beastianity is a true sonic marvel and an undisputed psychonaut in their own right.



Michael Fallson

The tombstone toothed Chief of the Dark Dark Green Lodge, composer of war hymns of the Pine Rangers, walks with the things in the bush and transmits a soundscape shrouded in their song. Root of all eveyule? Or the shady branches of Yggdrasil. Through smoke and ash this bard's bombastic blessings ring clear. "Every god must have their day!"


Melinda Fallson

MelF, the fae sized MajusDrakKali with the voice of a Valkyrie, leaped out of a fireplace (somewhere in the bush?) to join this rogue unit of sonic assassins and spread love like a weed. Singer, dancer and musician of extraordinary talent: an enchanting front woman and lady of the beasts.


Adrian Gregorieff

Blood relative of the infamous Hounds of Hurstville, this feisty young Maestro is the force behind Beastianity's recorded technical black gloss, with a flare for hair and hard drum pummeling, has shown a love and devotion to the sound of Beastianity that borders on psychotic. A man possessed is a drummer at his best.


Mark Morte

Living legend and cabaret corpse, known to play with forces that don't understand him whilst traversing the abyss, is a veteran of Sydney and N.Z's experimental music circles. Mark has seen and tasted that which should not be. An established graphic artist and performance freak, Mark can be found at any given time to be drinking schooners of blood (any type). His musical projects include; Brain Hole, Ministry of Love, Impaled Nazarene, and Naxzuul, presently he is the inhuman voice for the Reverend Kriss Hades.


Glen Maltby

A one time member of the anarchic Noisam and Navigating Man's Ruin, Glen is a piece of pure punk rock royalty (although he's too punk to admit it) and is a skilled all round musician with an unbridled enthusiasm for forward motion and attention to sonic detail that is indeed inspirational.


Sweyn Plowright

A long time honoured member of Beastianity, delivers berserker beats, pound for pound like the time keeper of a slave ship. Sweyn joined the ranks whilst composing lyrics for Fire and Ice. He also delivers some mind bending electronic creations.


Billy K

Beastianity's own Rock'N'Roll outlaw. Billy has been on the scene for decades. Recognised for his unwavering work ethic and sound setting skills, he lives to shake the room with his electronik drone devices. New to our ranks, Billy is a sonic soldier of the highest order. A rock legend in his own right


Henry Lauer

Beastianity's boundless black bass wolf. Henry's energy and talents are utterly inexhaustible. His sub sonic string virtuosity and imposing stage presence make Henry right at home on the Pine Range. A recording artist of highest quality with projects Ironwood and Ein Skopudhr Galdra, he has also channeled his darkest art into mayhemic metal outfits; Samsara's Wounds and Intorment Black. A man of many mad-gickal talents, Henry is the newest family member.


Kitty Wren

This wildcat hails from the southern woods.  Incidental percussionist extraordinaire, she's a real life action doll.  Kitty joined forces with the group in its earliest days to help raise the bar and boost the beat of the beast.


Julian Culpan

Sonic sorcery is Julian's secret weapon behind the Beastianity juggernaut.  A long time collaborator, he has triumphed on the desk, where countless others have only tried.  Well traveled and recognised for his solo project 'Mute Freak', his current metal band 'Children's Hospital' is based in Melbourne and is beginning to drop jaws on a regular basis.  Thank Dog for Julian.


Richard Horner

Our man in Japan. Master Horner is one of the original Beastianity line up. Responsible for generating brain melting frequencies that brought the hardest experimentalists to full blown panic attacks. The master of amplifier melt, Richard continues to collaborate and influence the vision of Beastianity at large. Founder of the incredible 'Monkey See Monkey Do' and the 'Hirsuit Trouser Press', Richard is on the level with many of the top underground recording artists today. He is invaluable in assisting Beastianity to push its points into the public's private parts.

Beastianity's latest album ROOT is now available at
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See Beastianity Live at the MARQUEE

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27th of May 2005

The Concert

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