Calling all StraYAliens and Pine Rangers!!!

Feel the awesome power of Dog!!!

Praise Dog Productions are set to unleash Beastianity upon Sin City once again. Beastianity will join forces with a rabid pack of musickal marauders, Hel bent on utter swarming sonik savagery for your discomfort and delight on Friday 27th May at the Marquee in Camperdown.

Hot on the trail of their last over-the-top live assault, Beastianity (the band that can change the weather!.,) are steeling thems..elves for the execution of their second show in a planned series of four bombastic raids on your brains and bodies, before hiding away for a year and a day to shoot their uniquely StraYAlien horror film, Things In The Bush, and spawn their next eagerly awaited recorded offering, Trix On Your Mind, to follow up their explosive Root album. And keen interest throughout the musical underworld, has Beastianity's members discussing tactics for future invasions of all major centres on earth.

The March 2005 live performance, supporting the UK's most legendary underground folk terrorists, Death In June, with Sydney's own heavy-duty international exponent Bain Wolfkind (with guest axe handler: The most Reverend Kriss Hades), saw Beastianity rip through a collection of tunes from Root and their forthcoming album Trix On Your Mind, to an enthusiastic gathering of fans of extreme and experimental sound who witnessed this once in a lifetime show.

Beastianity delivers shattering folk velocity in an indescribable fashion that has baffled the most credible experts for years. Their bristling battle hymns conscript new converts while lovingly bludgeoning those lucky (Loki) family members who have supported this rogue outfit's sporadic and mutatory appearances over the years. Have the musical gauntlet thrown down to you if you dare!!!

Bain Wolfkind bares his teeth and his booming electronick sonik shadows for us on the night. Bain is an unforgettable and unforgiving live performer who must be seen to be believed. He's recently returned from another successful wild hunting expedition in old Europa, showcasing his newest recorded document, Music for Lovers and Gangsters. Nothing of this intensity or style can be witnessed anywhere else on terra firma, ever. Bain's special guest performers are the amazing Madam Joan Hacker on synth and the Most Reverend Kriss Hades on heavy mental axe sleaze. Prepare to be eaten alive!

The one and only Samsara's Wounds will be opening the floodgates of living death on 27 May 2005. They threaten to finger our freshly rotting emotional entrails in a black blaze of blood spattered, classically cut, metal madness. Samsara's Wounds boast some of the most freakishly enabled Metal minstrels in the land, including; bass black wolf, Henry Lauer (Ironwood, Intorment Black, Beastianity), and the brutal Infernal Methods' Joss on axewerk. All at the ready and straining their chains to demonstrate bezerking with discipline for lovers of fanatick musickal devilry. Do not miss the chance to bear witness to this spectacle of soul shuddering soniks.

Projections supplied by our mob of dubious subterranean film enthusiasts, including the short film Eternal Recurrence produced by Unseen.TV, will roll between live acts. DJs Haruspex and Crawshawforyourlawguarantor (formerly DJ Earlycurley) spin some of the most alarming tracks of the musical sub-underground from their exotic and extensive collections. This evening will, without doubt, be legend in the making. The event will be fully recorded for the time capsules and Beastianity's Things In The Bush project. Other attractions include a market stall of collectables from the bands, ranging from regular band merchandise to various original artworks.



Easter Monday LIVE Death in June, Beastianity and Bain Wolfkind.

28 March 2005 @ The Marquee (128 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Camperdown)

Non Stop Entertainment From 8.30 pm to 3.00 am


Death in June, Beastianity & Bain Wolfkind, who've bitten the minds of many with vivid tales of love, war and human folly set to industrial neo-folk battle songs, will storm Sydney with their uncompromising attitude to expression and style on Easter Monday at The Marquee.


Behold! An event of apocalyptic proportion approaches in the form of three bands of international infamy and fortune. They've bitten and scarred the minds of many with their devil may care attitude to expression and style. Branded musical outlaws by the popular press and moral majority, these bands continue to bludgeon audiences into submission with vivid tales of love, war and the myriad of human folly set to battle songs for a dying world.

The night kicks off at 8.30 pm with a multimedia overload of StraYAlien (a term coined by Beastianity meaning we stray Beastfolk of Oz) sight and sound manifestation (go for a walk in the bush and you'll see what we mean!). Beastianity will be first up at 9 pm and Bain Wolfkind (Novo Homo and Der Blutharsch) will grace the stage next. Death in June (the headline) will commence around midnight.

There will be projected images (including some Death in June footage that hasn't been released) strategically placed throughout the night. Guest performers will be appearing on the night and there'll be at least one DJ of disrepute to keep feet stomping until we get kicked out! Also, this gig is being recorded live (film and sound) for Beastianity's upcoming album (Trix On Your Mind) and a variety of other things we can't mention.


Death in June

Headline @ Midnight

The unflinching godfathers of the European & US underground heathen folk soul return to StrayAlien forces to rally lost souls for the last days. Exclusive co-collaborators with NON's Boyd Rice and Friends, Wolf Pact and the Alarm Agents. An unquestionable pedigree with a heart shredding live show makes Death in June an act (or is it an act?) not to miss. You have been warned. These globe trotting soul snipers are the genuine article.

Douglas P is Death in June and a far-reaching rogue visionary whose influence still permeates every darkened corner of extreme modern music. His sound blends the simple beauty of acoustic guitars (and some well placed la la las) with the awful truth in words and the electronic mayhem of this epoch. He is joined by John M who has slammed the skins for Australian outfits such as Ole Olsen's 'The Dumb and The Ugly' and MaxQ. Now he performs with ex-Ministry of Love's Andrew Parsonage in the UK's Knife Ladder. This world renowned experimental industrial percussionist delivers all the right the blows.

Death in June Biography

By Jason Ankeny

Industrial innovators Death in June emerged in 1980 from the remnants of the punk unit Crisis, reuniting singer/multi-instrumentalist Douglas P and bassist Tony Wakeford; drummer Patrick Leagas completed the original lineup, which made its live debut late the following year with an opening slot for the Birthday Party. The 12-inch "Heaven Street" soon followed, and in 1983 Death in June issued their first full-length effort, The Guilty Have No Pride. Upon completing the Burial LP, Wakeford left the lineup to form Sol Invictus; following the release of 1985's Nada!, only Douglas remained, with Leagas exiting to form his own project, Sixth Comm. Beginning with the 1986 double album The World That Summer, Douglas continued Death in June primarily as a solo concern, aided by a revolving group of collaborators including Current 93's David Tibet, Boyd Rice and Coil's John Balance; the abrasive electronics and martial rhythms of early efforts gave way to an increasingly expansive sonic approach over the course of subsequent outings including 1987's Brown Book, 1989's The Wall of Sacrifice and 1992's But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?, the latter evoking Douglas's longstanding interest in traditional European folk music. The first British act to perform in Croatia following the outbreak of Yugoslavia's civil war, Death in June documented their experiences on 1993's Something Is Coming; subsequent efforts include 1995's Rose Clouds of Holocaust, 1997's Take Care and Control and 2000's Operation Hummingbird.


Beastianity (the Beast in Humanity)

Support Band @ 9.00 pm

The band that can change the weather...Fair Dinkum! Feared and revered from Cooma to Copenhagen, Beastianity continues to gather infamy with their sonic and cultural terrorist activities. Once again they storm Sydney with Helish intent. Described as 'Neurosmashing with the Seekers', Beastianity delivers an utterly unique StraYAlien folk sound manifestation.

Lyrics that venerate life and love entwined in sounds that range from a gathering of rutting bush babies to a blitzkrieg of Whirlpool washing machines and ball bearings crashing onto tin sheds containing Tasmanian Devils squabbling over a marsupial mouse corpse. Every member of Beastianity is a true sonic marvel and an undisputed psychonaut in their own right. This nine piece juggernaut is a very hard act to define.


Bain Wolfkind (Novo Homo, Der Blutharsch)

Support Band @ 10.30 pm

Bain Wolfkind, Australia's own wonderchild of Europe's most malaligned and misunderstood pop groups, Der Blutharsch, has a bit of his own blood to spill for us. When this world famous man of intrigue and mystery takes time off from outmaneuvering international security agents, he is hatching plats to dominate and degenerate every one of us in to flesh toys for his pleasure. You will obey!

Songs of boozy bar room brawls in Bucharest, wine, women and sadism wrapped up in an industrial style country and western latex glove. A hair oiled electronic high brow ho down that must be witnessed to be believed. Catch Bain Wolfkind as he lays on the discipline and hors d'oeuvres, fresh back from supporting the legendary Psychic TV in Vienna, before he slips back to commandeer his fanatics in Europa again.