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Runic Alphabet

About Rune-Net

Rune-Net was formed by a group of rune students who have been studying as a network since 1990, and individually for up to 30 years. The purpose of Rune-Net is to promote the study of our runic heritage, sorting the ancient facts from the more recent fantasies. We aim to re-democratise the tradition by making the original sources more accessible to the individual, rather than relying on the interpretations of the "rune-gurus" of the popular commercial publishing houses. To achieve this, we have made The Rune Primer available to the public. We also have a number of other texts on-line to make Rune-Net studies accessible to all at a minimal cost. We have members in Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, and Germany.

Although we try to avoid a dogmatic approach, preferring that individuals find their own paths by their own work, we are focused on a solid and factual foundation upon which to build. Unfortunately, the majority of rune manuals available in the shops mix a small amount of runic fact with a large amount from unrelated traditions, and even complete nonsense. We became frustrated with the general lack of reliable research available in the popular New Age books and their make-it-up-as-you-go-along attitude. This prompted us to organise a study guide, materials, and discussions based on the best academic & historical sources.

Examples of recent rune inventions include the "blank rune" and the "erilaz" myth, and there are many more.

We have organised Rune-Net as an international networking and support structure for students of the Runes. We have our own publishing network for runic books of quality and credibility (such as our latest books the Rune Primer & True Helm, both reviewed independently on the Northvegr site). We also have Rune-Net gatherings & workshops (members only), and hold an annual event for all Heathens and Pagans Winter Feast.

Rune-Net provides resources, facilities, and contact with knowledgeable students, which allows anyone to progress in runic knowledge. We provide advice and access to all the information you need, but we can not do the work for you. True knowledge can only be won by your own efforts and participation. What members get out of it depends on what they put into it. In this sense it is self paced. Many of our members have an academic background, or are professionals in their chosen fields. We do encourage members to be the best they can be. Those who make the effort to advance in this knowledge tend to benefit in all areas. Success breeds success.

Membership will give you access to our on-line resources, and make it easier and cheaper to purchase the essential texts. Our online resources include a members message board, e-mail list, and various pages of useful information. We buy the texts in bulk orders to reduce shipping costs, and to reduce the time members have to wait. All items and services are provided to members at cost. Members also receive substantial discounts on various products (books, rune sets, etc) from participating online businesses.

A fee of US$16 is requested, partly to help cover the costs of resources, but more because it ensures that members have some level of commitment, and that they can feel comfortable that their fellow members are equally not merely spectators.

Membership can be created online via our PayPal system. This system enables payments to be made from anywhere in the world, so that you can support our resources, & we can offer the best to members internationally. Online payments.

If you have any specific question which is not answered on this page, e-mail me. Please read the whole page first (scroll down).


, Organiser.
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About the Runes

The Runes are a set of symbols which were used by our Germanic ancestors as an alphabet. The best known version is the Elder Rune Row or Futhark, which was used throughout the Germanic lands for nearly a thousand years. It consists of 24 symbols in three groups of eight, each having its own name, sound, and esoteric meaning. Their study requires historical, linguistic, and esoteric understanding. There were also the Rune Poems.

The Runes were known as the Futhark because of the particular order in which they were always placed when the complete row was displayed (F, U, Th, A, R, K), much like the alphabet is named after the first letters (alpha, beta). This order is most important to the esoteric understanding of the Runic system.

The Futhark is considered sacred by those who follow the Northern traditions of Heathenism. The patron deity of the Runes is Odin (Also known as Woden, Wotan, Odhinn, Voden), who saw them in the abyss while performing a great rite of self sacrice. From our sacred texts, the Havamal records:

I know that I hung, opon the windswept tree

Nights all of nine, by my spear pierced

And given to Odin, myself unto my Self

On that tree of which none know from where its roots do run

With bread none saved me, nor with drinking horn

I looked into the depths

I took up the Runes

Screaming I took them

I fell back thereafter

Rune Tips

Q: With the hundreds of books and websites that talk about runes, how do I tell which ones are reliable?

A: It is easier to tell which ones are not worth looking at. Here are some easy pointers.

1) If they talk about Celtic, Druid, or Witch Runes. No such thing, don't bother reading further. The Runes were always a Germanic (Scandinavian, English, German) phenomenon. Don't take our word for this, look it up, it is a basic academic fact.

2) If they use a blank rune. See Article. A recent invention.

3) If they present the Runes in a non-futhark order. See above article. The order is important and historical (shown in the bars above and below this section).

4) Don't just accept anybody's word on Runes (including ours). Look up "Runes" in any respectable encyclopedia. If you are serious, go to a library and photocopy the sections on runes from the encyclopedias. Look up some history books while you are there. You will then be able to see for yourself that 95% of the New Age runic books and websites are more fiction than fact. Online Encyclopedia.

Beware Of...

Q: There are many groups offering training or courses, what do I look for?

A: Like all areas with an esoteric aspect, there are some reputable and sincere groups, but many more with their own agendas. We have tried to select the most reputable ones for our links page (see below).

There are some signs which should ring alarm bells.

1) Whether runes or any other tradition, never believe anyone claiming to have the only true and authentic way. This has been the catch-cry of charlatans throughout the ages. The knowledge and skills are available to anybody willing to put in the time to do the research. A group just makes it easier (or in some cases harder) to do that research.

2) Avoid knighthoods, cults, and secret societies, particularly if the leaders give themselves grandiose titles. If these titles are not in modern English, it is worth getting them translated, some are hilarious. These invariably turn out to be cults of ego.

3) See if the cost is reasonable for the group's expenses. We can not expect organisers to fund a group's resources completely out of their own pockets, but it should be obvious if they are making money out of you.


We have looked into most of the groups offering courses. Most were poorly researched. Some were cultish, requiring an unhealthy devotion to an ego-inflated leader. However, there were just a few that were down-to-earth, well researched, and not into strange titles or questionable politics. The Rune School is not affiliated with Rune-Net, however, we are happy to recommend it. While Rune-Net is a network for communication, information, advice, & resources for students doing their own studies, the Rune School offers structured courses of excellent quality. We are also happy to recommend the Runemaker for practical advice and sets for divination.

Particularly recommended:

For more scholarly information on Runes Runewebvitki is best.

For Northern Tradition materials in general Northvegr has quality and quantity.

For Northern Tradition scholarly resources Galinn Grund is excellent.

For interesting esoteric perspectives Elhaz Ablaze

For seidhr & well researched Northern magic try Vinlandsvolva

The Rune-Net Heathen Winter Feast (Australia)

Due to rising costs, and more pressing projects requiring our time, we have decided not to continue this annual event. We have left the Feast Pages as a historical document.

We do however participate in an another public event & feast, and invite all to attend the Blue Moon festival in September.

Asatru Links

Asatru Pages: These will be of interest to many Asatru, Heathen, & Pagan folk. We do not imply any Rune-Net affiliation with these groups. We support discussion and free speech. If you disagree with any views expressed in the following, write to them, not us.

Asatru/Heathen Links Page

Pagan & Heathen Web Rings & Banners

Top Rune & Astaru Sites:

Gallin Grund
Elhaz Ablaze

For more visit our Links Page

Heathen Music

Ein Skopudhr Galdra

Fire + Ice (Ian Read)
Concept Album - Sweyn

True Heathen Poetry -


Another reason to value our cultural heritage. There are those whose heritage is being systematically erased. An Example

Genuine Runic Products

Runic Fonts

Knives and Hammers - Ragweed Forge

Quality Rune Sets & many other facilities on this site - Runemaker

Excellent shop for runic & other Curiosities

Rune Books

These books make an exellent foundation, and can be ordered online from the following pages.

Rune Primer, Sweyn - Useful for anyone needing a solid foundation of runic knowledge .

True Helm, Sweyn - Warriorship, martial arts, wyrd, & success in the Northern Traditions.

Pierced by the Light - Viking Gods, Runes, & 21st Century Teutonic Magic.

Voluspa: Seidhr as Wyrd Consciousness - Real keys to perceiving wyrd.


Articles by Members:

The Runes, Sweyn
The Norns, Sweyn
Mannaz & Revenge, Sweyn
Hammer in the North, Dan Bray
Blum Draws a Blank on 25th Rune, Sweyn
New: Heathenry & Modernity Here or Here

More on our members pages

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