Taste of Freedom

(postmodern blues)


Its so hard to be a postmodern man

speaking jargonese is all that I am

I've been outed as a cultural sham

But it makes me look important, so I don't give a damn


He's so busy just playing with words

He doesn't realise that nobody's heard

He's just a pseudo-intellectual turd

But to satisfy his ego, he'll support the absurd


He's so impervious to common sense

The word "reality" makes him tense

He gets piles from sitting on the fence

And the blinkers he is wearing make him look really dense


Postmodern man, thinks he's cool

Postmodern man, he's really a fool

Postmodern man, why don't you open your eyes

Smell the coffee brewing, you'll get a surprise

A taste of freedom!