Flesh Fiesta


Come to the public Pagan ritual my dear

There I hope I will make my intentions clear

let me introduce you to some old gods of mine

but lets first have another glass of wine


I know that I am not as young as I used to be

But you are nice and nubile, and that is the key

Just kiss my pentagram and hold onto my wand

You are so smart I know you can't be conned


On a trip of wine and smoke and whirling limbs

You don't know the gods' names, but you hear the hymns

When all are skyclad and no inhibitions rule

You will meet the master, and be nobody's fool


But now the dawn breaks and the incense clears

Behind the haze and headache are only stirring fears

An emptiness within, you're coming off a high

The show had seemed so real, now you know it was a lie


Flesh Flesh Flesh Flesh Flesh Fiesta

Into the spider's cave

Into the open grave

I know just what you crave