17th of February, 2001.
Minto Bush Camp, outside Sydney.

For those enquiring minds that enjoy mixing good food with pleasant conversation. This is a small public feast, in humble surroundings, inspired by ideals of ages past and the promise of a rational future, uncluttered by religious fanaticism and superstitious fear.

It is not an event designed to reinforce or validate any particular belief or superstition, but it is an event to acknowledge the historical diversity of Western belief and culture. This will be expressed through the prudent indulgence of the senses, the jovial company of equals, and (hopefully) intelligent dinner table conversation.

Specifically, it will honour the ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus, who proposed that intellectual pleasures are more enduring, and hence more important than sensual pleasures and that peace of mind (free from superstitious fears and religious anxiety) is the greatest good of all.

Epicurus supported the notion that the world was "atomistic" in nature and that people would be better off if superstition could be replaced by a concrete understanding of natural phenomenon based on scientific principles.

He wrote to dispel ignorance and empower all people to enjoy life, content in reality. Appreciating the benefits of religion, he advised people to respect the Gods, but not to expect divine retribution or favour. You don't have to agree with this to be welcome at the feast!

So if you are broad minded, like feasting and enjoy dressing up in historical costumes (such as Nordic, Celtic, Greco-Roman or even the sombre shades of Gothic fashion) then this is for you. Just remember, it's for fun.

Cost is $20 for Saturday only (includes the feast), or $30 if you intend to stay overnight. Discounts are available to anyone who would like to entertain with song, poetry, music, or dance. Cheques can be made out to "Mr P. Peters". This is a non-profit event. All money goes towards the hiring of the venue and catering.

If you are interested and have any questions you can write to P.O. Box 331X Leumeah NSW 2560, or email petersp@ideal.net.au.

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