Heathen Winter Feast


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I, (Name)
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understand, accept, and respect the customs of the Winter Feast as outlined.

 1) Unlike "Hollywood Vikings", our ancestors valued honour and good manners as the basis for a successful social event. They were much more particular about good behaviour than we are now, as the consequences could be more severe. All we ask is that we all have a great time without spoiling the enjoyment of others.

2) The Feast is founded on ancestral religious traditions. Please be aware that there are a few sacred elements, namely: the short ceremonial & formal toasts at the beginning, the banners, the Harrow (Odinnic shrine & offering mead), and the Weapons Table. The abuse or disrespect of these would be like washing your undies in the font of a church, or using a Wiccan's Athame to pick your nails.

3) Most seriously, a feast was traditionally a time of truce. The Weapons Table symbolises the Sacred Oath of each guest to observe the truce for the occasion. Each group is encouraged to place a weapon on the table as a token of conflict set aside. Dangerous or disrespectful handling of weapons is the most grave offence to the Hosts, to the other Guests, and to Odin, the deity of the Hall.

4) Unlike "Hollywood Vikings", our ancestors did not condone excessive intoxication. It is great to be merry with a drink and good company, but nobody enjoys someone who is out of control. As the Viking sacred book, the Havamal, states:
  There is no better load a traveller can carry than a good store of common sense,
And no worse load than too deep a draught of beer. (Havamal, Verse 11)

5) We can not condone any other actions which are illegal or infringe on the rights of others. We also respect the property of others. We are also required by law to ask that no illegal substances be brought onto the site.

 I sign below, and agree with the above principles. I agree to leave the venue if I do not abide by this agreement. Abuse of any of these terms will result in expulsion from the site.

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