Feast 2003

This year's Feast was one of great fellowship and a reunion of many old faces. As it was not as widely advertised in the Pagan scene this year, there were only 40 guests. These were mostly RN members and long time Asatruar, so the atmosphere was more intimate and less hectic than usual. Activities included archery, swordplay, folk music, market, and feasting.


Leading members of the Assembly of the Elder Troth came from near and far (many hours drive). This was an opportunity to hold a Thing before the Feast.

The Master Smith from South Australia's "Firebear's Armoury", Tyrvald, brought some of his armour and jewelry to the market.


Sold to the man with the large sword, lightweight mail in stainless spring steel.

An even longer journey brought Tony Looker from London, formerly long-time Steward of the Rune-Gild UK.

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Two former RG Regional Stewards


Firebear & happy customer.


Vocalists from "Beastianity" admiring Firebear's work.

In the Hall

Kara toasts.

More Feasting


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