Magickal Number 9

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Feast '01 broke all records. A full Hall under a new banner saw an atmosphere of fellowship and celebration described by many guests as "perfect". This was the 9th annual Winter Feast. 9 is the number of completion or perfection in the Northern Traditions.

The new banner flies at the Head of the Hall

Kara organised everything under a lot of pressure, but with the support of 18 Rune-Net members and the cullinary genius of Chef Brian, everything came together spectacularly. Some members drove many hours interstate to be there. Guests from many traditions joined us.

The Hostess, Kara in high tudor fashion: velvet and brocade with amber accessories

Another surprise was the return of the Brueghel Players reincarnated as "Wayward", and better than ever with medieval bagpipe, hurdy gurdy, lute, fiddle, and drums. Their rousing traditional Northern songs kept the atmosphere authentic.

Wayward - Medieval Northern music

Mail hauberks and runic banners decorate the walls. Big Joel from Valhalla Marketing raises a horn to the excellent chef, Brian, in his new checkered tunic.


Guests start entering from the outer hall, and begin to claim their places with their best dining gear. Only 80 seats available, but all well placed to see the activities.

Still a few seats to be claimed

The range and quality of weapons this year was awesome. Many guests placed their prized pieces as a pledge of good will.


Got an axe to grind? Leave it on the Weapons Table!

Sweyn, Wayward, and the boys from Beastianity get together by the large campfire outside for a jam.

Any requests?

By 3:00 am, most of the guests are leaving or going to their cabins , but some are too tough to quit.

Rurik in knots, Wassail!


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