Winter Feast 2000


This year's Feast was in many ways the best yet. The sense of fellowship and magick was tangible. We had an impressive array of wares for sale at the pre-Feast market, and splendidly outfitteded guests with a variety of clothing, cutlery, and weaponry on show.

Chef Brian excelled with two delicious soups, followed by juicy premium steaks with lightly steamed vegetables and baked potatoes. There was plenty extra catered to satisfy the largest Vikings among us.

A highlight of the event was a stunning performance by internationally known Celtic Harper, Chrys King. He held the crowd spellbound with tunes from his latest album "Carolan Remembered" (Available from Shanuaghie Productions, PO Box 5015 Kahibah NSW 2290).

Unfortunately, some missed the opportunity to attend due to late registration. Please book early (mid May) next year, we are limited to 80 seats & catering must be organised ahead.

Chrys King's authentic Celtic harp


Sunday afternoon Market: The Dragon Lady's wares


John Pettigrew is The Horn Master


Weapons table: the Ancient and Modern


High Table: Ready for action


Guests entering the Hall


Getting ready for the toasts


Between courses


Some go outside to see the stars some chat in the Hall


Out by the fire


Friends share a bottle


Friends share a yarn


Plenty of beds for the weary


The hardy see sunrise