Beastianity, Bain Wolfkind, DEATH IN JUNE

At the Marquee, Sydney 28/03/05

DJs Mark & Margaritta set the mood with their extensive selection of tunes including Coil, Current 93 and some obscure 60s psychedelia and lounge musick.

Beastianity opened with their first electrifying gig after a year of studio work to give pleasure to new and old fans alike. Michael and MelF entwine their awesome lead vocals (Yes! They're a duet!) to weave the Beastianity magick with their minstrel comrades. Clouds of frankincense, an eerie rune chant, pummeling drums, skull sawing guitars, bone breaking bass and keyboards, nifty and nasty, in unison the musikal love ritual unfolds. The set combined a number of bombastic psychedelic sea shanty trax from their upcoming release, Trix on Your Mind, with some remixes of favourite oldies from Root and a bardic cover of the haunting Fairport Convention's Crazy Man Michael.

Bain Wolfkind and special guest Rev Kriss Hades seduced the audience with a bawdy burlesque take on country and western. This original montage of sight and sound is an experience no hot blooded individual should miss! Oozing sensuality and sadomasochism, the audience is subjected to Bain's own form of domination. A cruel mix of sexploitation film noir, keen lyrics and soul rendering guitar virtuosity set in a hazy cocktail lounge. An extreme banquet for all the senses. Bain sets off for Europe shortly to tour with Der Blutharsch before returning to sleaze Sin City with Beastianity at the end of May.

Death in June treated this audience to an unprecedented oratory biography and indulged their desires by taking requests. Douglas presented a vocal insight like never before by turning his set into an interactive anthology that spanned his entire career! An historic moment indeed, we were spoiled! It was like a wyrd family reunion that was very special and intimate. Any fan of Death in June would have found themselves skipping blissfully down Heaven Street with those who experienced this incredible performance. Perhaps there will be an opportunity for you poor souls who missed this gig to see glimpses in future live Death in June DVD releases. Ivan stepped up to the plate for the arduous task of closing the night with some core shattering noise compilations that juxtaposed the evening sonics nicely. The visuals were, also, impressive with a combination of live feed and projected film material that ranged from Russ Meyer's ladies to Death in June Live in Italy.

Next Gig 27 May 2005


Mick, Mel, Morte, Glen, Sweyn, Henry, Billy














Bain Wolfkind & Rev Kriss Hades



Douglas P & John Murphy