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Runes & Asatru

 Elhaz Ablaze  Exciting new perspectives on Heathenism
 Hugin & Munin  The Heathen Search Site
 Northvegr  An excellent resource for Asatru Literature (was Midhnottsol)
 Eldaring  A great German site for Asatru information
 Irminsul Aettir - Runes  Has a very comprehensive directory of Asatru & Rune sites  Freya Aswynn's interesting new website
 The Runes  Freya Aswynn's interesting new website
 Rune School  Structured course on Runes, particularly good for beginners
 Rune-Net  International network of Rune students
 Raven Kindred North  Interesting site with much Asatru information & links  For all kinds of links & info on runes
 FolkvangR Kindred  Some Australian Heathenry
 Bilskirnir Hearth  Excellent example of organised Heathenry
 Hign Icelandic  Site for lingistic reform in Icelandic
 Ealdriht  More Anglo-Saxon Heathenry
 English Heathenism  Still more Anglo-Saxon Heathenry
 Assembly of the Elder Troth  A home grown Australian Asatru Organization
 Odinism in Australia  History from the Odinic Rite in Australia
 Australian STAV pages  A Northern martial art
 Asatru In Brazil  A great site for Portuguese (& English) speaking Asatruar
 Hallowed Halls of Northern Tradition  An interesting personal site  Magic of runes, magic of seit, Shaposhnikov Oleg
 Runemaker  Great runic products
 Johnathan's Rune Sets  Another maker of quality rune sets
 Wayland Skallagrimsson's Pages  An interesting collection of pages & links on Asatru
 Heritage  Some good information on the Northern Heritage
 Stav International  
 Ragnar's Forge  
 some Runic/Viking/Ogham fonts etc  
 Sacred Ways of Earth: Asatru Links  
 Runes: Casting, creation, and history  
 Mystic Uses of the Runes  
 Rune Websites from Around the World  
 Heathens Against Hate  
 Viking Telepaths for Thor  

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Truth Seeker TV: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

Celtic Links  Celtic tribes in Western Australia

Some Other Interesting Pagan & Esoteric Links

 Pagan & Heathen Web Rings & Banners  Our collection of banners
 Wiccan Jewelry, Runes, Wicca Store Jewelry, Incense Resin  Meta Pot  Australian general occult site  Pagan search site  Pagan Awareness Network  Pagan Federation
 Luxor Press  Lots of books
 The Tarot Consultant .com  Everything for the Tarot reader
 Order of Light  
 The Amazing Phil Hine  
 Freemasory Links  Gothic & Pagan events in Australia
 Arktion Federation  
 StudyWeb: History & Social Studies:Religion:Mysticism & The Paranormal:  
 National Library of Australia - Australian Religion and Beliefs on the Internet  
 Stella Australis - Australian Pagan Information  
 Witchlings:Pagan Homeschooling  
 Paradigm Shift - Links!  
 Mystery is the Enemy of Truth  
 4.4 HOT LIST for Entrancer  
 Temple of PanGaia - Links  
 Scrolls of Creativity  
 pAge 0n3 ov MagiCK  

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